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Atv Rentals in Middle TNasddfJessica Olivarez: "                    " Whew!! Sorry it took so long to get this review up! Between finals for school and getting Ben sent off it's been busy here to say the very least! Anyway, on with the review! As ATV newbies, we didn't know what to expect when we decided to book with Four Wheelin Expeditions. We were sure that the "guided tour" was going to be a couple laps around some dinky track or something like that. But when we got there we quickly found out that we were completely mistaken!
When we got there we told them that this was our first time and rather than looking at us like we shouldn't be there, they were super helpful! They even showed me how to turn the thing on, all without laughing at our lack of knowledge! Another plus is they had an ATV set up with a rear seat so Hunter would be able to participate in the fun, we had never found a place that would do that before, one of the main reasons we hadn't rode.
After a few warm up laps to get us used to the equipment they were more than willing to accommodate my husbands two requests: to go faster and to get muddy! We were all over the place, ascending steep hills, and going down crazy rocky hills! We had the opportunity to get muddy, going through some awesome mud puddles, with the guys coaching us through the whole time.
As for the guys, they were awesome guides, instructors and they were super helpful when there were a few hiccups along the way. They are extremely knowledgeable and always willing to explain anything that you don't understand. They are not pushy and won’t make you do anything that you don't feel comfortable doing! Very safety conscious and all around great guys!
I would HIGHLY recommend this company! The prices are right on, especially for the service, knowledge and experience you get! We rode ALL day long and the whole experience was WELL worth it! FIVE STARS!!!

Jeremy Pierce

Atv Rentals in Middle TNasddf

My name is Jeremy Pierce and I'm live in Crete Nebraska. In February, 2011, I took a trip to Tennessee to see a very good friend of mine. During my trip there, Mandi introduced me to two great people. Ron and Desiree Porter took us out riding on four wheelers. I'm not a beginner, but I'm not a great rider by any means. Ron made sure that we knew exactly how to ride in ever different situation that we came across. For those that are looking to start riding or for those that are long time riders, Ron and Desiree will take very good care of you. Wooly's is the course that we went to and they know exactly how to treat riders there. I was very pleased with my experience  and I will definitely be taking another trip with them.

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